Research and Services

Merielle Flood is an Anthropological Researcher, Teacher, Consultant, and Applied Anthropology
Practitioner. She has served as an Arts Consultant doing field research  for the Tennessee Arts
Commission in conjunction with regional Tennessee Community Development Districts relating to the
inventory and development of regional musical, craft, and art resources.

Merielle is also a seasoned performer in bluegrass, old time, country, jazz, blues, and swing bands.
She can provide help to performers on improving stage presence, set lists, musical flow, and
arrangements with tactful and sensitive advice.  Improve your reach to your audiences and develop
your skills as an entertainer.

Help with audience and venue outreach is also provided through visual image consulting, help in
putting together effective publicity materials, and having meaningful visual  symbols and written
materials to convey your emotional and performance content.

Original material is also an important part of musical performance. Your songwriting skills may benefit
from suggestions and co-writing assistance.

Contact us to discuss what you may need.
Band Performance Critique
Set List Recommendations
Musical Arrangement Assistance
Vocal Arrangement, Critique
Performance Recommendations
Songwriting Collaboration
Museum consulting